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The Doogood Quality Management System (QMS) aims to provide our customers with improving products and services that continually meet or exceed their requirements and expectations.  This continual improvement is demonstrated through producing quality outcomes that conform with the standards of our industry.  By repeatedly achieving these standards, Doogood stands out from the crowd.

Doogood are accredited in the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, we have a robust system in place that allows us to demonstrate that we have met the necessary requirements, regulations and policies required by our industry. Our QMS justifies the organization’s full commitment to quality, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of performance, and exceeding customer’s expectations wherever possible.

Our Management team reviews the system regularly, re-incorporating the findings into the system for future customers to benefit from an improved experience.  A culture of quality outcomes is fostered from top management down to the shop floor where the staff are responsible for quality output.

The Doogood Process

This ensures a quality customer experience as we:

  • Comply with customer specification and/or technical and industry standards
  • Deliver on time
  • Meet the requirements of our customers
  • Work to the minimum requirements reflected in the Australian standards relevant to our industry:
    • AS1627 Metal finishing – Preparation and pre-treatmentof surfaces
    • AS2312 Guide to Protection of Structural Steel from atmospheric corrosion by the use of Protective Coatings
    • AS3894 Site Testing of Protective Coatings
    • Victorian OHS Legislation & Codes of Practice

In order to make this commitment Doogood is required to maintain currency of relevant training for our staff ensuring that all operations produce:

  • The highest level of customer satisfaction
  • An environment that looks after the Health and Safety of all staff, visitors and contractors on site.
  • A site that ensures compliance to local government Environmental regulations.
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