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A new formulation which has been added to our existing Flurobond 20 range (also available in Black and Silver), that not only provides corrosion and chemical resistance but is also an aesthetically pleasing, hard wearing finish. Flurobond 20 is a Fluoropolymer fastener class coating system, ideal for architectural or construction projects where the look and decorative finish is just as important as the prevention of corrosion or chemical attack.

Flurobond 20 has been engineered to outperform conventional electroplating i.e. zinc plating and galvanising, required to operate in corrosive or chemically harsh environments i.e. CCA treated timbers and coastal areas.

Flurobond 20 White Fasteners


The Flurobond 20 coating system performs just as well as it looks. Now including a sleek white appearance, this fastener-class coating system boasts key features such as:

  • Corrosion & Chemical resistance
  • Increased holding power and anti-seize properties
  • Requires less torque to drive
  • Resists wide range of acids, alkali’s and solvents
  • Thin Film Build

The combination of these key features and its attractive appearance makes Flurobond 20 a great choice across a wide range of industries and applications.



Simon from Impact-A Fasteners in Bendigo recently came to us needing a white coating suitable for use on hex-head bolts and nuts, to compliment a white powder coated frame that is used on exposed trusses.

He said “There was no known way to easily coat the fasteners in white. Powder coating did not work and painting the fasteners post installation was time consuming and costly. So, I enquired with Doogood Surface Coatings if by any chance they could provide their Flurobond 20 in White, as it is imperative that the fasteners have considerable corrosion protection as well.


The team at Doogood then did their R & D and soon after they had sourced the raw materials from overseas and went about formulating the product and putting it through testing. The process was surprisingly quick, within a few months of my original enquiry, the Doogood team had formulated and produced Flurobond 20 in White! Now my customer can promote a new range of white coloured fasteners to the construction industry, which also sets them apart from their competitors.”

When asked why he chose to use Doogood for help on this project Simon said “I have used Doogood Surface Coatings for many years and I have never had an issue with their quality of work they produce, so therefore it was an easy decision to go to them for this enquiry.  I would definitely recommend Doogood Surface Coatings due to their professionalism and attention to detail in every job that they do. The customer service and follow up is second to none.”

With an extensive range of high-quality surface treatments, products and services available, Doogood provides solutions to improve the appearance, performance and durability of many products across a wide range of industries and applications. See below links or contact us today!

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