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Xylan coatings are a family of fluoropolymers manufactured by Whitford Worldwide, designed for corrosion protection, lubrication and wear resistance in a variety industries and applications.

Doogood Surface Coatings Pty Ltd became a Quality Approved Coater for Whitford Worldwide in 2011 after many years of experience applying Xylan products.

Most Xylan coatings contain a combination of high-performance resins with either PTFE, Molybdenum Disulphide, Graphite or other lubricants. They are thermally cured coatings and have flexible curing schedules ranging from ambient to 400C.

Xylan coatings can solve many problems as they can offer corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, can work under high loads, high temperatures, low co-efficient of friction and combinations thereof. Xylan needs to be meticulously applied with the correct pre-treatment to provide ultimate performance; therefore it’s recommended that a Quality Approved Coater completes this process.


Xylan is a family of fluoropolymer coatings designed by Whitford to provide corrosion protection, lubrication, wear resistance and non-stick properties in a variety industries and applications.

Xylan coatings require meticulous pre-treatment, application and curing processes, therefore must be applied by an experienced applicator, preferably with QAC (Quality Approved Coater) certification.

No. Xylan and Teflon are both brands of PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) coatings. Although some Xylan and Teflon products may have similar properties, it is important not to assume they will do the same job as there are variations of each product which are suitable for different applications and environments.

Yes. Amongst the Xylan range are a series of fastener-class coating systems designed to improve the performance and longevity of all types, sizes and grades of fasteners through its excellent corrosion resistant and low-friction properties. Xylan can be applied via dip-spin and spray methods, meaning it is suitable for small screws right through to large stud bolts.

Xylan actually comes in a wide range of colours but is often referred to as “Xylan Blue” or “PTFE Blue” in reference to coating B7 Stud Bolts and Nuts for the Petrochemical industry. Generally, the product required will be Xylan 1424 or Xylan 1070 however its always best to clarify with the end user or consult technical advice direct from Whitford or your preferred applicator to confirm.

Recommended Uses

  • Fasteners
  • Off-shore components
  • Mating parts for lubrication
  • Valves
  • Actuators
  • Bearings
  • Springs
  • Pump Casings
  • Aluminium Castings

Key Features

  • Low Co-Efficient of Friction – Some as low as 0.02
  • Non-Stick
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Wide range of operating temperatures -250C to +285C
  • Wear resistance
  • Wide colour range
  • UV Stability
  • Excellent adhesion to most metals
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