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Globite House

The GLOBITE HOUSE started as a small enquiry when the Builder came to us looking for a matte black finish for mild steel cladding to be used on a TV Cabinet. The builder’s client originally specified Black Oxide, however due to the size of the panels they were unable to find a supplier that could do the job.

We run some trials with varying paint finishes before deciding to give BLACK KNIGHT RC a go and both the Builder and his client loved it! So much so, that what started as a TV Cabinet turned into a kitchen, kitchenette, bathrooms, chairs, tables, benchtops, planter boxes and a whole heap of other steelwork that went into creating this brilliant architectural masterpiece!

The GLOBITE HOUSE was only the beginning of an ongoing relationship between the Builder, his client and Doogood Surface Coatings as BLACK KNIGHT RC continues to be specified on many other projects, keep an eye on our projects page for details!

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