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E-COAT (more technically termed “Cathodic Electrophoretically Deposited Paint”) is a fully automated and PLC controlled process that includes a Zinc Phosphate Pre-Treatment prior to being Painted and cured at 175 C.

E-COAT is capable of coating deep recesses in complex shapes while maintaining a uniform coating thickness, which other processes such as spray painting, powder coating and electroplating can find it difficult to do.

E-COAT is a hard, abrasion resistant semi-gloss black finish that provides in excess of 840 hours when tested to the ASTM B117 5% Neutral Salt Spray Test.

Being an Epoxy, E-COAT has poor resistance to UV exposure but can be overcoated with a paint or powder system to overcome this and/or provide colour options. It can be used as an excellent base for protection underneath a variety of specialised coating options.

We do not have this facility in-house however we do only use the most trusted suppliers who conform to our Quality System requirements and expectations. We only take on E-COAT projects that we can add value to in terms of pre or post the E-COAT process.

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