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Doogood are renowned experts in fastener class coating of many types, shapes and sizes for use in applications across a wide range of industries including Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Mining & Construction.

With in-house Phosphate, Blast, Spray, Dip Spin and Oven facilities as well as some fantastic external resources for Zinc Electroplating, Zinc Nickel Plating and Cadmium Plating, Doogood have the capability to provide a one-stop shop service for the majority of fastener class coating systems and specifications available on the market today.

Doogood Surface Coatings Pty Ltd is one of a short list of “Quality Approved Coaters” worldwide for Whitford Corporation, after undertaking Whitford’s QAC program in Singapore back in 2011 and maintaining qualification ever since. Whitford are a global supplier of products such as Xylan and Xylar, which are commonly used coating systems within the fastener industry.

We stock and apply a wide range of Fastener Class Coating systems and have the capacity to coat fasteners of almost any size in batches of milligrams to tonnes at a time. We are continually researching and developing new technology, new processes and new products to give our customers any advantage we possibly can by increasing working life, improving performance and reducing cost.

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