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INORGANIC ZINC SILICATE is a coating comprising metallic zinc held in a glassy silicate matrix. The zinc metal provides galvanic corrosion protection to the mild steel substrate, whilst the porosity of the coating provides voids that contribute to ongoing protection to the mild steel.

Compared with Hot-Dip Galvanising, INORGANIC ZINC SILICATE provides superior galvanic corrosion protection to steelwork, particularly in corrosive coastal environments. In the fastener industry, it is often referred to as “Esso Spec” as it has been specified for use on studbolts on off-shore platforms with great success for many years.

INORGANIC ZINC SILICATE is widely specified as a primer for multiple coat high-build systems due to its excellent corrosion resistant properties providing steel components with extended service life in harsh environments


  • Excellent Corrosion resistance
  • High Temperature resistance
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Can be overcoated with Epoxy or Polyurethane


  • Stud Bolts
  • Valve Components
  • Structural Steel
  • Mild Steel exposed to salt environments
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