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At Doogood, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the quality of workmanship we produce for our clients. This is particularly important when it comes to the coating of PUMPS, VALVES & ACTUATION parts and components.

PUMPS, VALVES & ACTUATION parts and components often require an exceptional level of focus on protection of critical surfaces by way of masking, meaning the applicator must be able to decipher drawings accurately but also ensure that the quality of the masking itself is to an extremely high level to avoid any over-run or damage to these surfaces during the somewhat robust surface preparation and/or coating application processes.

Another focus when coating PUMPS, VALVES & ACTUATION parts and components is the ability to meet high-end or difficult coating specifications on jobs that quite often have many various angles and hard to access surfaces. The importance of “stripe coating” is not lost on Doogood to not only ensure full coverage but to ensure the system meets dry-film thickness requirements.

We can meet the most difficult of specifications provided or provide our own solutions to help protect and maximise the performance of PUMPS, VALVES & ACTUATION parts and components, contact us today to find out how we might able to help you!

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