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Abrasive Blasting also known as Sandblasting is a surface treatment process used across many industries with a purpose to either clean, roughen or smooth the surface of a wide variety of substrates.

The process involves propelling abrasive media by means of dry compressed air through a blast nozzle directed at the surface of a substrate, with the type of media and air velocity heavily contributing to the impact made on the target surface.

The most commonly used abrasive media for surface preparation of steel substrates is Garnet as it is a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly method of removing existing coatings, mill scale, rust and providing a cleanliness and/or anchor pattern suitable for the adhesion of protective, specialised and decorative coatings. This method of blasting is often referred to as “Sandblasting”.

At Doogood, we prefer to use GMA Garnet which is commonly known as the best abrasive blasting and sandblasting garnet on the market, however there are many other types of blasting media which include Steel Shot, Steel Grit, Glass, Soda and Slag so please contact us directly to find out the most suitable option for your next blasting project.

We also provide services in spray painting and powder coating to name a few.


  • Removal of existing coatings and surface contaminants, mill scale or rust from used or weathered steel substrates
  • Cleaning of substrate surfaces prior to painting, powder coating or bonding operations
  • To smooth or roughen surfaces to provide a profile suitable for painting, powder coating or bonding operations
  • Etching to provide a cosmetically attractive, matte surface finish on various substrates including stainless steel, aluminium, glass, wood and even some plastics and fibreglass
  • Surface texturing of tooling and moulds to alter the appearance of moulded or stamped products


All our work is performed and completed in accordance with Australian Standards as are our Inspection & Testing processes.

We keep the latest technology in testing equipment in-house including calibrated gauges to monitor and measure Surface Profile, Soluble Salts and Environmental Conditions. Certification, Reporting and 3rd Party Inspection are available upon request.


Our current blast booth dimensions are 6m x 6m x 2.1m and with the acquisition of Blast n Peen Melbourne we have an additional three blasting booths that offer bead and garnet blasting. We do have the ability to extend the length of the booth or double end parts where required. We can also outsource all or parts of the blasting process to approved vendors when jobs exceed our in-house blasting capability although this is project and/or specification specific.

Being a coating applicator, most of our blast work is done as surface preparation for a coating system to be applied in-house. However, we also provide blast-only services and of course can offer a blast-prime service to prevent oxidization (surface rust/discoloration), even if we aren’t providing the finishing coat/s.

Abrasive Blasting can be applied to a wide variety of substrates, applications and industries. At Doogood, we blast anything from small fasteners through to large structural steel and anything in between. See our gallery for examples of some of our previous work. To find out how we can help you with your next project, please contact us today.

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