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Phosphate is a conversion coating commonly used on steel components for corrosion protection, lubricity or as a pre-treatment for further coating or painting. A typical Phosphating process will include a series of cleaning, pickling and rinsing processes, prior to the parts being immersed in a Phosphate bath and subsequently rinsed and dried ready for further processing or treated with oil as a completed process.

Phosphating will provide short term corrosion protection when treated with an oil, grease or other sealer, this process is commonly known as Phosphate & Oil. Phosphate on its own it will provide only very little corrosion resistance due to the porous nature of the finish.

Phosphate is a superb pre-treatment for a wide range of coatings with its excellent adhesion properties due to the porosity and nature of the crystalized finish allowing for additional materials to work their way in before becoming mechanically interlocked after curing


Our Phosphating is performed in accordance with AS1627.6-1994 Preparation and Pre-Treatment of surfaces – Chemical conversion treatment of metals. We may also be able to conform to other standards or specifications however please confirm with us prior to placement of order.

Daily titrations take place on all baths involved in our Phosphate process along with scheduled 3rd Party Testing and Sampling to ensure we always remain within specifications.


  • Pre-Treatment to aid with adhesion and corrosion performance of other surface coatings
  • Low cost corrosion resistance and anti-galling properties to fasteners and automotive components
  • Wear Resistance on mating surfaces on items such as bushes, bearings and other industrial parts


We have a max weight capacity of 3 tonnes per load. The bath dimensions are 2m x 1m x 1m. Larger parts can be double dipped however these will incur extra costs.

We perform our phosphating via immersion process, and we have various methods at our disposal (custom-made barrels, racking and baskets etc) to ensure we can process a diverse range of products without any inconvenience. It is important to note that due to this fact it is difficult to partially coat parts or protect surfaces from the coating so this should be allowed for at design stage of the part.

Our phosphate baths are generally operational all-day Monday to Friday meaning it is a process that can be turned around in quick time. However, we do have exceptionally busy periods and times where routine maintenance is required, so if a fast lead time is required it would be best to call ahead to ensure we can meet your required delivery expectations

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